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A Tribute.

Today while Oil rig hopping I stumbled upon a Jeff Walker’s blog . He has been running an internet business since 1996. Legend.

There is a post called the 16 Rules of Internet success.

It is full of golden nuggets, actually, his rule #1 talks about the relationship with your mailing list.
Yeah we’ve all heard the money is in the list, he goes one better and says the money is in the relationship with your list. People buy from friends don’t they? So it makes sense really. I have heard Alex Jeffreys say this too.

Next he talks about how if you monitor your traffic and you know what your visitors are reading or looking for you can give them exactly that. This is excellent advice, hat’s off Jeff, sometimes we think we know what is best for others but we really don’t do we? The data doesn’t lie so gives us the answers.

He then mentions how important it is to think long term and how imporant it is for your business. I’m sure you have had an email from someone with hardly any content in, just a few lines and mainly affiliate links, you know they are not giving value. They are not thinking about you or the long term. Its up to us to avoid this mistake with our mailing list.

His next point of wisdom is not to rely on just one source of traffic, this is currently my focus in generating as much long term traffic, from as many different sources possible. He talks about developing your own products, I have a few ideas for my own actually.

Sometimes people see other marketers as competition, I have been guilty of this, Jeff suggests they are future partners, this makes so much sense when you realise it true?

Another great tip is to live below your means when the money does start coming in. I hope I can remember this advice when it happens for me.

My two favorites for now are Rule 14 to take baby steps, I mentioned focusing on small victories and achievements in a previous post. This is so important as you are constantly recognising your progress. The small things always lead to the big things eventually.

His last rule is to invest in yourself, you are your business after all. Constantly look to learn and progress to keep fresh.

The important thing to realise is that this post is just my interpretation of some of Jeff Walkers 16 Rules of Success but i really suggest you read them for yourself here.

Thank you Jeff Walker.

Onwards And Upwards To Success


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