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Blog Hopping

So I did my usual ritual of oil rig hopping this morning. If you have watched any of Alex Jeffreys tutorial videos you will know that this is where you go from blog to blog looking for posts that you can add valuable comments to. My goal is to be making 10 blog comments and 10 forum comments each day. Some people don’t get the reason why I do it so I will tell you.

Apart from the fact that I genuinely want to help people, oil rig hopping will get me known in the community as someone who can offer support and good advice. This is important right? What I have noticed is that since I have been doing this I have picked up some golden nuggets of information. It has actually worked in reverse, Karma strikes again eh?

My focus is on generating long term traffic avenues to my blog and stumbled upon a guy called Yaro Starak.   I read his free report “blog profits blue print” and found some really good bits of information inside. Things like:-

  • Comment Marketing – This is oil rig hopping.
  • Forum Marketing – This is obvious too.
  • Trackback marketing – This I learned today is where you talk about someone in your post like Yaro Starak and because you have added a URL to their website then it links back to yours. He wrote a post about it anyway here.
  • Blog Carnivals – This is where a thread is started requesting posts about the same subject from lots of bloggers. It gives you a chance to put your best work forward and get noticed.

Getting the Style Right

Next i stumbled upon Jouvan Johnson he made an audio interview with Alex Jeffreys and it was really good but i noticed he was talking about the fact that a lot of his readers were asking how to make their blog look better so he made 6 short videos about setting up a wordpress blog. They are really helpful. So I got inspired to improve the look of my blog too, Thanks Jouvan.  Anyway take a look here so you can see how good they are.

Onwards and upwards To Success


2 Responses to Comment Marketing

  1. Hey Gary,

    blog hopping and comment will definitely benefit you. You learn some new nuggets and at the same time you get traffic. Good way to kill two birds with one stone!

    • admin says:

      Indeed Sherman.
      It is also an amazing way to connect with like-minded individuals to share your successes and setbacks with.
      Many of the people we network with could be our future JV partners.
      Your Network is equal to your Net worth

      Thank you for your input


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