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Free Or Paid Traffic?

Today while Oil Rig Hopping I stumbled upon a blog created by Steve Denness.Moving traffic
He is currently a student of Internet Marketing with Dean Holland.
A few of Steve’s Blog Posts are dedicated to generating traffic, he mentions some pretty unique ideas toward the subject.
He talks about traffic exchanges and how you can use them to generate traffic to your site.
There is a way of getting paid from doing it too here, BONUS Smile.
It can apparently be time-consuming (Aren’t All Free Methods?) but Steve is getting results from it.

He also talks about posting free ads in one of his posts too.
I have tried this method when i first got online but in my innocence didn’t give it enough time.
Steve said with a bit of practice you can post about 2 ads in about 4 minutes.
It only takes Steve an hour a day to post all of his ads which is very cool.
I am going set an hour aside a day to use this method again.

Next blog i got to was another student of Dean holland’s by the name of Jerry Handy.
He has chosen to go down the paid traffic route.
He is using solo ads and getting some excellent results from this method.
Paid traffic is fast, easy and targeted, it can be quite risky too if you don’t know what you are doing.

You need to make sure that your funnel is fully optimized and converts well.
Jerry’s #1 tip is not to take food off the table to pay for traffic, meaning pay your bills and your groceries first.
Excellent advice if you ask me. Get some money aside first before you think about using this method.
I am sure having Dean Holland as a mentor is making sure Jerry’s funnel is set up correctly.

It is great to see other people starting to get results with their traffic techniques and it just goes to show that having a mentor like Alex Jeffreys or Dean Holland definitely speeds up the route to success. A mentor gives us a map and a compass to find a speedier path to our goals.

What traffic techniques do you think are best and why?

Check out Steves post on traffic exchanges here.

Check out Steves post on ad posting here.

Check out Jerry’s post on solo ads here.

16 Responses to Examples of Free And Paid Traffic

  1. Hi Gary,
    Enjoyed reading this post, traffic generation is the main area where new people online will struggle. Not many new marketers have the budget to just buy all their traffic, so the so-called “free” method is what most of us have to work with.
    Trial and error is the key, but remember “free” traffic cost time, and your time is worth something. If your after quick results, the “free” method is a none starter.

    Good luck with your new online adventure.


  2. Gary says:

    Hey Steve,

    Very true, all marketers need to weigh up the time vs money conundrum and decide what suits us best as individuals. Then like any other business invest the time or money required to get the desired results.

    Thanks Gary

  3. Hi Gary,

    Great post and I enjoyed reading it.

    I am familiar with Dean Holland and his teachings and the challenges he sets for his students. He seems to be a great mentor.

    I also visit Jerry’s blog and I read what he shared about how he generates paid traffic using the solo ads. He actually did good with it and was very honest in sharing his results.

    Traffic is the life blood of any business and without it there is no business and it is always great to learn about more ways for generating traffic.

    Thanks Gary for sharing and I look forward to learning more. Have yourself a great weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,


    • admin says:

      Hey Neamat,
      I agree, traffic generation is one of the most important things that we will learn as internet marketers.

      Thank you for your input.

  4. Wadud says:

    Hey Gary,

    I agree that traffic generation is very important. Actually, I consider it the lifeblood of internet marketing because we know that if you have traffic, you can drive it to an offer of some sort.

    I can’t say what the best sources of driving traffic are… but at this point I’m focusing on the free methods.

    You’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

    Thanks Gary,
    Wadud Peterson

    • Gary says:

      That’s right Wadud,
      The fact that you are taking action is the most important thing.

      Onward And Upward To Success


  5. Jerry Handy says:

    Awesome post Gary. It takes time to get into a groove and figure out which one is going to bring you the best results. Now granted, paid methods are faster, but there are some strategies such as blog hopping, forum marketing, and of course youtube video marketing that can bring huge results and fast. The key is to be consistent with whatever strategy you choose. Also in the online world, you have to definitely make the mental adjustment and understand that this too is a real business and you have to treat it as a business.

    Don’t come online with the hope of making fast cash overnight. It will take time and patience to accomplish your goals. You are in great hands my friend with Alex and if you do the things that he says, you’ll be well on your way to accomplish great things. Lastly, I gotta commend you on taking action with what you’ve learned. You’ve got your blog up and now you’re starting to monetize with your profit pulling platform. Just remember, it’s one baby step at a time. To your success my friend.


    • admin says:

      Indeed Jerry.
      Each baby step we take is yet another in the right direction my friend.
      Thank You

  6. Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Gary

    I find that blog commenting and social media bring in a lot of free traffic. Triberr in particular brings in quite a bit of traffic from Twitter for me.

    I’m not sure about the quality of the traffic from traffic exchanges. It seems to me, most of the stuff advertised on those is just more traffic exchanges.

    It is something I know people have good results with though. I’m not sure I have the patience to try that method though!

    • Gary says:

      Indeed Tim,
      I does require a lot of patience and spare time,
      I have grouped my daily tasks in order of importance,
      so I make sure I complete the most important tasks first.

      Thank you for your input,


  7. HI Gary, some great ideas in there I was not aware of – you have given me some things to add to my ever growing “list” of things to read and learn from. Take care, ashley

    • Gary says:

      Hi Ash,
      This keeps happening to me too, I find yet more things that i want to learn from and apply.
      I am finding that the more I apply certain tasks the quicker I am getting.
      I am sure you are finding the same and as this happens, we can use that time to start to learn the next things on our list.

      What do you think?


  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Gary, I’ve found having your links on many sites helps and if it’s a retail site, sites like Pinterest, The Fancy, Kaboodle, etc. Blogs have different types of sites like Blog Engage and Biz Sugar. Of course Twitter and FB should be up there too. Glad people realize free traffic takes time and time = money too! I had done some exchanges in the past that didn’t work too well. Probably different from the ones you mentioned though. I will check out the posts, thanks for sharing Gary!

    • Gary says:

      Hey Lisa,
      Thank you for your input.
      I am finding that my best results come from blog commenting,
      followed by forum commenting, bit by bit I am getting quicker at applying these techniques.
      My circumstances have changed which has meant I am now spending less time online
      This means that currently I am giving less of my time to techniques like adposting,
      using traffic exchanges and triberr for now.
      Consistency with anything is key as you know.

      Have a Great weekend

  9. yogesh pant says:

    hi Gary,
    well, traffic generation is the hardest thing to so in the blogging process.
    But I think that we should have free traffic or the natural one to our websites as it will help in the long run.
    Paid traffic is also considered a wrong method by the advertisers.

    • Gary says:

      Hey Yogesh,
      Thank you for your input.
      I would say it is hard at first.
      Once you find what works for you it actually gets easy.
      Find what works for you and apply it consistently


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