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You Can Be An Expert At Anything.

Ask the ExpertOk. ok.  So it is a big claim that this post will,
In a few hundred words teach you how to go from absolute beginner to expert at something.
It is so important to remember that every expert in every field was not born that way.
It is also safe to say that many of them have moved from one field to another to become an expert in their new field of choosing, so why is this?

Four processes of learning.

You can’t just go into something expecting to be an expert straight away. You must first understand the four processes of learning.
I will use learning to drive a manual transmission/stick shift car as an example for this as that is the example that was used for me in 2007.Will Taylor's Competency Matrix

Unconsciously Incompetent.

  • This is when you look at other people driving a car and think it is easy to drive, anyone can do it.
  • The fact is you are unaware of your inability to control a motor vehicle/ automobile.
  • It is not until you sit behind the wheel and go through the processes from checking mirrors, looking at the three pedals, stalling the engine and then realising that there is a lot more to this than you first thought.

It is this realisation that makes you move onto the next stage,

Consciously Incompetent.

  • This is when you fully realise that there is a lot you need to learn and apply before you can become competent at this.
  • So after many hours of learning to drive, the time comes for your instructor to decide that you should take your driving test.

Once you pass your test you become,

Consciously competent.

  • This is where you are capable of driving in most situations.
  • You gradually gain experience of driving and improve your skills and knowledge.
  • After a certain time it becomes second nature and you no longer need to give driving 100% concentration.

This is when you become,

Unconsciously Competent.

  • This is when you get into your vehicle, drive home and get out and wonder how you got home because you went almost into autopilot.

Choose your subject.

Ways to find your nicheIt is no good choosing a subject because you think there is money in it.
It is extremely important that you choose something that you enjoy, care about, or even better are truly passionate about.
The reason for this is you will almost certainly make no money in the beginning and you will have obstacles, setbacks and challenges to overcome.
If you do not enjoy what you are doing you will give up too soon on it. So make sure you choose wisely.

I read Navid Moazzez’ interview with Jesse Krieger and there is are a few paragraph’s about choosing your identity which will really help you to choose a subject.

How Do I Become An Expert At….

Learn The Basics.

Pyramid- of-LearningSometimes it may be just learning the first thing you can about your chosen subject/niche.
Then write about what you understand on that subject via your blog,
write what confused you, what setbacks you had, what you excelled at.
Get it on there, you can look at this later as you progress it can show you how much you have learned and in what timescale

So many times I hear people say that they will wait to become an expert before they can write about it. MISTAKE!
Teaching others the information that you are learning helps you to understand it better because you look at different ways of explaining it. FACT!

So learn the basics and teach it forward. Take action.
The great thing about blogging is that you can change things as you understand them better.
Your blog grows with you, so you will create more value as time goes by.

Application Is Key.

Do-Review-Learn-ApplyYou will never be an expert unless you apply what you are learning.
This gives you a better understanding of your subject and allows you to really see what you are amazing at and what you are not so good at.
Application gives you experience, and when experience and understanding meet they create knowledge.
Write about what you are doing, your setbacks, your challenges with this too.
This information will be worth a lot of money if used in the right way.

To Conclude

Being an expert at anything is never easy.
It takes time, commitment, dedication, persistence and effort.
Every expert gets paid a lot more for their information than others.
This is because they paid for this with their attitude and work ethic.
Any internet millionaire you hear or read about did not make it overnight.
The effort they put in beforehand gave them their results.
Onwards And Upwards To Success

You Get Out What You Put In.

A poem for dedication

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12 Responses to How To Be An Expert Online.

  1. hey Gary,

    I like the example of driving you used for the 4 processes of learning. This never really dawn on me until I heard Jim Rohn talked about this. It’s funny that it’s so simple but yet a lot of us don’t go through the whole processes of learning. These steps are so important to move forward in just life in general. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Gary says:

    Hi Sherman,
    Yes they are important.
    They also help us to have patience toward our progression when things are not going as quickly as we would like.
    Thanks for your input.

  3. Jan Koch says:

    Hi Gary,
    this article really crushes it, good job!

    I think you’ve touched a great topic that a lot of people use as excuse not to take action.
    Why should somebody listen to you when you’re not an expert, right?

    Most people don’t understand that they don’t need to be “the” expert. You are considered to be an expert as soon as you’re one single step ahead of the majority.
    As soon as you know something others don’t know, you can teach it to them. Boom, now you’re an expert.

    Thanks for explaining this misconception with this great example.

    All the best,

    • Gary says:

      Hey Jan,

      The way I look at it, anyone can be an expert in their own right.
      You just need to care about a subject enough to have a passion for it.
      This emotion will ensure that you learn more about that subject.
      More importantly your enthusiasm will shine through in your post’s, comment’s,
      recording’s or video’s.

      Thank you for your contribution.


  4. Wadud says:

    Hey Gary,

    Great post as usual. I agreed with you from the beginning. If you put in the time and some really genuine effort, you can just about master anything.

    The first thing is to realize that as you mentioned in the headline, we tend to hold ourselves back from success.

    And usually after you get started with something, you’ve already surpassed the most difficult part… that first step.

    Also, learning the basics is key for almost anything because this is the foundation which everything stems from later on.

    Thanks Gary


    • Gary says:

      Hey Wadud,

      That’s right, the first step for many people can sometimes be the most difficult.
      It is also important to measure your success by your progress rather than your destination.
      Thanks again for your input.

      Onward And Upwards To Success


  5. Susan Velez says:

    I like you post, sometimes I have to keep telling myself that as long as I keep pushing forward and working towards my goals on a daily basis, I will become successful.

    I haven’t finished my own product yet because it is hard to think of myself like an expert. But what you said about you can teach people what you already know if they don’t know it can be considered being an expert.

    Maybe I should finish up that ebook that I started but haven’t finished yet.

  6. Gary says:

    Hi Susan,

    The great thing is that you can finish your E-book, then add updated versions as you learn more yourself.

    Thank you for your input.


  7. Ebenezer says:

    Hi Gary, thanks for sharing this article.
    The use of search engine make it easier to master any niche online, for instance, you can search for an e-book on a particular topic by using this awesome search trick:

    In the search bar enter (without quotes) “filetype:pdf become a blogger expert” this command will show you results contain tip on how to become a blogger expert in pdf format, nice trick right?

    I felt I should share this trick to help you “learn the basics”

    • Gary says:

      Hey Ebenezer,
      Thanks for the useful tip, I am sure this will benefit many readers.
      Thank you for stopping by and contributing.

  8. wayne says:

    Hi Gary

    good to see Alchemy going strong, you may remember me from the NPower days at platinum?

    Keep up the great work


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