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Mistakes are Necessary.

Thomas Edison

We either learn from our own mistakes or preferably the mistakes of others.

How any of us get to our point of knowledge shouldn’t matter,

provided we don’t lose sight of our goal or get too distracted along the way.

The thing is we all want tomorrow’s results today. Society has become like that.

The mistakes help the learning process.

Outside of the internet things seem easier.

We know our destination, we know how to get there,

we know how long it roughly takes from point A to point B.

We set our course and we head to it. Although there are distractions on the way, there are less of them.

It has become so much easier to obtain information from the internet that we should learn so much quicker.

But do we really?

Let me ask you a question.

Have you ever searched online for a specific thing?

Then before you know it there is an enticing pop up that you should avoid but don’t?

An email or two that could wait until later? A facebook message? A tweet? etc etc.

A process that should have taken you seconds ends up taking hours. Many opt in’s later there are more emails in your inbox than you can possibly read and it can seem overwhelming.

Focus Your Mind

This is where focus comes in. If you were driving to a destination. You wouldn’t read emails or tweets or you would crash. True?

When you are aiming to achieve a set task on the internet it is easier to get distracted, because you won’t physically crash.

You are getting in your own way of success though, think about it.

Stop looking for the imaginary push button, instant way to success and start pushing the buttons you should be.

Watch this video on mindmapping by Alex Jeffreys it will help you to get your goals down on paper and give you clarity on what you should be doing next.

Once you get going it is easier than you think. Look for small victories and build on them.

Take Action Without Distraction ©.

Make Your Own News

Set a goal to focus for an hour on researching the information you need.

Once you have the correct information, incomplete or not stop and have a WWW break (walk, wee, water)

Then spend an hour putting what you learned into practice.

You will gain experience from improving that particular skill. Mistakes will be made and you will learn from them. They can be fixed later anyway.

Onward And Upwards To Success


2 Responses to Internet Marketing Learning Curve

  1. Excellent advice, Gary.

    I always teach my clients struggling to accomplish something, to strive to do it poorly. But do it.

    As you say, it can always be changed.

    But the act of accomplishment, regardless of the quality of the work, is priceless… and liberating.

    • admin says:

      Indeed David,
      We actually learn more from doing it than we ever would thinking about it don’t we?

      Thank you for your input.

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