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Natural Progression.

Before I got ill I was coaching and mentoring sales people then going out on door to door campaigns and showing them how.
My illness forced me to look elsewhere as a way of making an income. And on-line was the only thing i could physically do.
We have moved from the Industrial age to the Information Age after all.

Risk-Free Betting

I was interested in finding out more about Arbitrage betting so I researched it and came across a site called Bash The Bookie. and thought I will definitely have some of that.
We all know Bookies make plenty money. Whilst pubs are closing down, bookies are having refits and refurbs.
My research led me to realise that it is getting harder to find good arbitrage opportunities,
Matched betting on the other hand with all the bookies free bet offers is becoming easier.
So I followed their tutorials and started to make money from Bookmakers free bet offers. Completely risk free.
I then found a product called BonusBagging
This shaved loads of time off the process and made it all faster and easier. Money was coming in.
I then started to research trading the draw in football games and although not as risk free,
was making enough money for us to live on with a little spare.
This made my girlfriend at the time nervous as she thought I was gambling with money we couldn’t afford to lose.
She thought Bonus Bagging was illegal too as it is tax-free money haha.
So after weeks of constant nagging I looked for another way of making money and started to research again.

Internet Marketing, A New Beginning.

By now I was on a few mailing lists for betting enthusiast’s and received an email that directed me to a sales page.
It talked about 5 ways of making money online by a chap called Glenn Fisher. It was a ten week course split into 5 fortnights.
Each module teaching the next step and they all interlink at the end of the course.
I found each module to be very informative.
I invested some of my earnings winnings into it and my IM career was born.

The Learning Process.

The first thing suggested in it was to set up a wordpress blog.
To pick a subject that I was interested in and link it to twitter and facebook and then post articles.
As a newbie to Internet Marketing I thought how can I do all this, but I gave it a go.
The niche I chose was betting because I had recently made money from it,
but I came across problems with my wordpress.com site.
I couldn’t put affiliate links to bookmakers on it. I couldn’t make it look the way I wanted it to.
I realised that with a self-hosted wordpress site I would have more flexibility in how it looked.
I couldn’t think of articles to write. It didn’t have very good content. I was sh*t at first, but I had belief.
My money was dwindling with no risk-free bets going on and bills still to pay.
So i looked at free hosting and set up with 000webhost.
I went on you tube and learned how to upload wordpress to the hosting using filezilla.
And I set about getting my site together. I put pages up, I designed a logo.
I still couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted to.
So off I went back to you tube to learn html.

I am glad I did that now but that learning curve took me longer than I ever wanted it to.
A lot of people I have been reading about outsource things like this so they can focus on the marketing side of things.
I then hit the problem that a lot of people with free hosting hit. Down-time, log-in problems, wordpress brute force attacks and i couldn’t ever log-in to the site.

Paid hosting is the way forward. Luckily my Brother-in-law to the rescue had space on his hosting and let me use it, Thank you Alex.

2 Responses to Why Internet Marketing?

  1. Thats what internet marketing is im afraid, a big learning curve! If theres any courses or certificates out there at present they are few and far between. Its very much a learn as you go process.

    Besides its changing so much so quickly if you was to learn it what you learned would be outdated a year later!

    • admin says:

      Yes Internet marketing is a big learning curve.

      There are actually a lot of courses popping up all of the time. This Free Webinar gives an excellent insight into some amazing information that is available.

      I must disagree with you on your final point.
      There are certain traffic techniques and list building techniques that we can learn today that will continue to be the same for years to come.
      Therefore those lessons would not be outdated.
      If you are focusing solely on SEO as your only means of traffic then that would be traffic suicide.
      Algorithms change daily so that is difficult to keep up with.

      Hope this helps

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