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As you spend more time studying internet marketing and blogging.Transitions from prospect to marketer
The way you look at things starts to alter.
If I think back to myself in April 2013.
I was constantly falling into the trap of believing in the next fad.
The next new push button software that creates overnight riches by magic.
I would buy into that software or product believing that it would actually change my life.
Only to realise when I looked deeper into things, these products are always missing something.

Find A Mentor.

If you are smart you will get help from a mentor.
Or look for like minded people in the blogosphere.
Then over time things begin to happen to the way you think.
Changes start to occur as to how you actually look at things.
Take reading other peoples blogs for instance.
Initially you look at the information and see it as valuable and something that you can learn from.
Then gradually you see these posts as information that you too can add value to.
Next you make comments that help future readers to see this information in another way.
Then as you learn more and grow you start to write better more valuable posts on your own blog.

It Takes Effort

The fact of the matter is that there are no get rich quick schemes.Hardwork leads to results
To be successful you must take an initial idea, add effort and hardwork.
With patience and persistence the results will come.

Study for success

Recently I have been looking into the way email marketing works and studying it further.
After all this is the main reason I spent money on these fad products and software in the first place.
I have been attempting to dissect each level of this method to see how it all comes together.
From the Landing page with pictures of Beaches and fast cars.
Then the sales pages and how the copywriting works on them.
Then the email campaign and how it helps to move the mind of a prospect closer and closer to becoming a customer.
I am looking at the difference between follow up emails and broadcast.
How broadcast emails look to influence that customer more into buying similar products, this is all clever stuff.

Prospect To Marketer.

Originally when I first looked at Internet Marketing as a way of making an income.
I really did not know what I was getting myself into.
I looked at how the landing pages were set up and opted into their list then as the emails came flooding in I started to buy different products.
I was believing the hype behind their marketing strategies.
Don’t get me wrong there are some excellent products out there too.
There are so many more that are not very good at all.
Now when I get an email I look more at the system they are using to promote their product rather than the actual product itself.
To me this change in mentality is definitely signalling to me that I am becoming more the marketer every day and less of the prospect.
Look I still buy products, but I do a lot more research into them now to see whether they are going to help me achieve my goals or waste my money.

Fad vs System.

Each new product that is released is pushed out to all of the affiliates who want to promote it and make money from it.
They in turn promote this new fad product to their lists and then some of the prospects on their list turn into customers.
Back in April I followed the fad and became a customer, over time if you study this industry you too can move from customer to marketer by studying the techniques of the experts in this field and copying them. Follow the system not the fad.

What are your stories of your journey between prospect & marketer?

What is the most important thing that you have learned on your journey?

Onward And Upwards To Success


2 Responses to Becoming The Marketer!

  1. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Gary

    I followed a similar path to you at the beginning and buying the next best thing was second nature to me.

    The most important thing I’ve learnt on my journey is that you need to offer helpful content and not expect something in return.

    I still see a lot of marketers sending out email after email of product promotions and affiliate offers.

    That’s great for them if it works but I think people are becoming more savvy about that sort of thing.

    I’m on a couple of marketers lists that do exactly that. They don’t provide any value to me but I get to see how they market stuff at least.

  2. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Gary,

    I too have spent a fortune on all kinds of products looking for the next magic button that would propel me to success quicker.

    You are so right…there is no magic button. It is going to require you to roll up your sleeves and work. Which I don’t mind, especially since it saves me money from having to buy that next product that promises to push me to success faster.

    I do have a mentor and that is one of the best moves I made this year. I have also learned quite a bit from browsing other blogs and reading what they share. I am also still learning about email marketing, I just started building my list about 4 months ago.

    With time we will learn how to do things. Just like you said it takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. Have a great weekend.

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