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Marko Saric.

Marko SaricHas been creating online content and websites since 1997.
This week you have the benefit of getting his answers and views to some questions I put to him.
Without giving too much away here is the interview as follows.

Gary: I believe you started in 1997 by building a Danish Metallica site. Was that your first blog?

Marko: My Metallica site was my first blog indeed. It’s just back in 1997 it was a website and then at some point in mid-2000’s I converted it into a blog as I found blogs easier to deal with, to update and to do design changes and add features.

G: Is it still online?

M: I still keep it online even though I do not update it that much anymore. You can see the blog at http://metallicablogmagnetic.com/

G: What made you create howtomakemyblog?

M: I spent a lot of time on learning about blogging and optimising my own blog. Because of this experience I wanted to create a nice place for other people to get clear and easy to follow instructions on how to start a blog for themselves and how to make it a success. That’s where the idea for http://www.howtomakemyblog.com/ came from.

G: What was your biggest setback/challenge?

M: I was very inspired and had a lot to say so content was pretty simple. Biggest challenges were getting some design created so my blog looks better than just an average blog (as I don’t have any design skills) and also being able to attract people to visit the blog and build an audience.

G: How did you overcome it?

M: For design I asked my Twitter audience if someone could help me create a nice looking header design and that’s how I got the header I use currently. For traffic it is a long, hard road where you have to work on creating content and promoting content daily over a long period of time.

G: What is your greatest online achievement?

M: My Metallica site reached a million visitors at some point in early 2000’s and it was “approved” by the band themselves so as a big fan of Metallica I thought that was a great achievement to be able to build something from nothing.

G: What project/s are you working on at the moment?

M: My http://www.howtomakemyblog.com/ is my main project these days. I update it regularly, and spend quite a lot of time creating, experimenting and optimizing different pieces of content. I still use it as an experiment and a test really to figure out how things are changing and what works/what doesn’t in terms of online marketing and social media.

G: What top 10 tips would you give to a newbie who wants to create a blog.

M: Just go for it really. Don’t think too much about it, don’t plan too much. Get a domain name , hosting and start that blog. Then spend some time creating the best content you can and go out there and tell your targeted audience about that content and how valuable it could be for them. It’s that simple to start a blog really.

To Conclude

I hope you took some inspiration from the fact that it is really easy to create and build a blog with limited monetary investment. Pick a subject that you enjoy and you will always be inspired to write great content.

You will need to put in a lot of time initially toward creating great content but once you have that in place, generate traffic and things do eventually get easier.

This depends on your focus, determination, goals, and attitude toward succeeding.

The great thing is, you are building something that you can say is your own. The first time you make money from that the feeling is immense.

Thank you Marko for your time & Happy blogging everyone.

Onward And Upwards To Success


P.S. What questions would you like me to ask Marko or ask in the next interview?

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