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Sticking To The Plan

    My goals today were to

  • Create my first Squidoo lens.
  • Research for an article.
  • Begin to write an article.
  • Write A blog post.
  • Contribute to a forum

Squidoo Virgin

I went on to Squidoo and set up my first lens. It was a good learning process and fairly easy to use.
I am going to create some more lenses that link back to this blog related to different subjects.
The idea being the more I use it the better I will get.
I then set about researching to compile as much information as possible to write my first article.
I got distracted big time with all of the really good information I was reading.
This made me feel as though I had been unproductive. So I set about writing this post to document my setbacks.
This way I could help others starting out not to make the same mistakes.
I soon realised I had taken plenty of notes and had a fair bit of information to at least start my article tomorrow.

Update 15 july. My squidoo lens was blocked for some reason, didn’t get a very good explanation, so i transferred all of the content from that lens to Google+

Life Is Full Of Great Lessons

A huge lesson I learned is why it is so important to document everything you do.
We are always our own worst critics. This documentation allows us to see not only our start point and where we began but also how far we have actually progressed whether that be in income or even the knowledge and skills that we will hone to create an increase in income many times going forward. So long as I can make a few contributions to a forum or two tonight.
Today has been a productive day.

Onward And Upward To Success


2 Responses to Overcoming Setbacks

  1. Adrienne says:

    Hey Gary,

    I created a blog a few years back when I was going through a training course and I shared with my readers everything I had done for the week so I could not only help them learn from what I was doing but also help me stay on track as well.

    I eventually started sharing the results at the end of the month because I was promoting a product so I was pretty much an open book.

    I think this is a great way to hold yourself accountable but also help others realize the steps they need to take as well.

    Good luck on our journey and hope all is going well!


    • Gary says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      I agree, it definitely holds us accountable,
      just as importantly it also allows newcomers to see our successes and setbacks.
      This will allow them to achieve their goals much faster.
      I am sure you Agree?

      Thank you so much for your input.


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