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Getting On With It!

Get On With ItMy circumstances have changed recently meaning I am spending a lot less time on-line now.
I still want to be an active member of the blogosphere as I have made many great connections and online friends.
Setback’s or challenges constantly arrive on our path.
I think they are a test of our commitment, resilience and purpose.
Successful people see them as a chance to learn or try something different in order to overcome them.

How can I build an online business with limited time?

Time Is Against UsFirst you really have to prioritize your tasks.
This is to ensure that you are able to write at least one blog post a week and stay active with blog commenting and forum commenting.
This has become increasingly difficult for me with less access to a PC.
Never the person to make excuses I have looked at other ways of still helping others in the Internet Marketing niche and across the blogosphere.

Use Social Media To Help Others

I have now become a lot more active on Twitter and google plus as I have access to these media via my smartphone.
I have been aiming to follow approximately 10 twitter users daily. Then I read their latest blog post and if I think it is relevant and would be helpful to others, I share that post on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.

It Is Easy To Do

Help OthersThis is something that will not take too much of your time, but you are still creating value by sharing other peoples blog and forum posts with people who may normally see them.
A big lesson I have learned on-line is that if you help people just so you can get traffic, nothing happens.
Amazingly the more help you give to others because you genuinely want to help them and make a positive contribution, the more other bloggers and marketers will help you too which naturally increases traffic.

There has been a steady increase in twitter followers over the past week and also more visitors to this blog even though I have not been able to do as much blog or forum commenting.

Thought’s Are Things

This goes to show that if you have the right mindset toward certain tasks and the right reasons for completing them, your goals will always be hit.
Look at any challenges as a chance for you to learn and grow as an individual.

Follow Me on Twitter, Facebook and Google + to see how you can use these media for yourself.



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14 Responses to How Can Social Media Help?

  1. Lisa says:

    Gary, I can do so much with my phone and in a short amount of time, I know I could not do all that without it. Triberr and Buffer are great too for getting lots done in a short amount of time. I’m trying to spend a little less time online to exercise and get on with “life” in general.

    • Gary says:

      Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for bringing buffer to my attention as I had never heard of it.
      I have been on triberr but haven’t really spent enough time getting to know it yet.
      Have you tried dubbler?
      It is pretty cool in that you can record a short message for people.


      Onwards And Upwards To Success


  2. Liz says:

    Hi Gary,

    Well put.

    There’s a difference in helping people with the intention of getting more traffic or helping others because you genuinely want to help them. People might say, “What’s the difference?” But your mindset and your intentions DO come through in the kind of help you offer.


  3. Nate Leung says:

    Great tips on how to use Twitter. Following 10 followers a day seems to be a good way of following at the same time not abusing the Twitter system to gain followers.

    When I started off in Network Marketing many moons ago, I used to think it was about the cars, the million dollar mansions, the money but now as I have grown wiser and that I look at this as a real business not a means of showing off and living a fancy lifestyle. I have made a decision to give and share as much as I can. Stuff I’ve learned over the years that people can benefit from regardless if they are in my opportunity or not.

    Social media shouldn’t take up too much time but at the same time it can be a double-edged sword. On one end, it can be beneficial for you to build your business and connect with others, on the other hand you can get caught up in non-productive activities like playing Candy Crusher.

    That’s why sticking to a daily method of operation everyday is important especially if you are going to be using social media to build a business.

    Great insights here Gary!

    • Gary says:

      Hey Nate,
      I haven’t been near Candy Crush yet LOL.
      It is only recently I have started using Social Media as a way of connecting with more people in this Niche.
      Initially when I started out, I found email to be my weakness as I had a bit of shiny object syndrome.
      Luckily I found this training really helped me to switch off from those distractions.
      I can see how people do get distracted though, we are bombarded with distractions.
      I read this somewhere’
      “We have two hands,
      One for Helping ourselves,
      One to help other people”
      It is important that we stick to our tasks to ensure we can use both hands effectively.

      Thanks for your input Nate.


  4. Wadud says:

    Hi Gary,

    I really enjoy popping in to your blog. I’m a teacher by trade and I think the best way to improve performance is to sit in on another teacher’s class. You always learn something new.

    I agree that time is limited and you have to schedule tasks in order to get things done. It all takes time. But you can get it done.

    I will also agree with you on helping others. I know most of us tend to worry so much about the bottom line, but the experience actually becomes a lot more enjoyable if you focus on helping others.

    Thanks Gary

    • Gary says:

      Hey Wadud,
      Thanks for popping in my friend.
      We are all learning everyday, this helps us to grow as individuals.
      For months and years to come the lessons on our posts and comments will provide valuable information to present and future visitors.
      That is a satisfying thought don’t you think?


  5. Hi Gray,

    I think you have to redeem the busy time during holiday?! Social network does help indeed but only little knows much about it positive effect outside chatting. Qouting from “LIZ” that there’s a difference in helping people with the intention of getting more traffic or helping others because you genuinely want to help them. People might say, “What’s the difference?” But your mindset and your intentions DO come through in the kind of help you offer. I believed she communicated alot with that, most especially to most of us bloggers that social network can be so much advantageous in driving traffic to blog.

  6. Gary says:

    Hey Ade,
    That is right, the point is that in my opinion, traffic only arrives if your primary objective is helping people.
    Thank you for your Input

  7. Hi Gary

    One soon learns that if you don’t get involved with others online you die a slow death with no traffic. It is quite foreign to us when we start with all the social media and there are so many paths to take it can be overwhelming, as you cannot do them all.

    I love your image for this post.

    Finding time to do things requires staying focused on what is the most important. I am back and forth with those thoughts lately. I have cut back on things that were no longer holding my interest and must say I have let a few other things take a back-burner which I thought I could do…but not so sure I want to anymore. I suppose we change as things become clearer to where we need to be.


  8. Gary says:

    Welcome Mary,
    How true it is that things become clearer where we need to be and what part of our business needs our attention.
    This comes with time and the understanding of the brand that you want to build.
    As you and the network that you build evolves so too does your online business, tasks get easier, some get better results and we learn what works for us as individuals.
    Relationships are built too, we find other people with different strengths and this helps us to achieve our goals collectively much quicker.
    The biggest thing is to just help people whether that be with information or pointing them in the right direction to source that information themselves.
    Thanks for coming over

    Onward And Upwards To Success


  9. Hey Gary,

    When you focus your mindset on your purpose, and show that you’re in genuinely interested in helping people solve their problems, then good results will show for it. That’s the bottom line, and you pointed this out here.

    A lot of us that just started our home business aren’t aligned with this mentality. We see the glitz and glamour, become attracted to it, and do our home businesses for the wrong reasons, which are reasons that don’t hold itself up. When you really become aligned with who you are, and a deep reason why you’re doing home business, you start to become a magnet for what you really want. People will see this and make efforts to align themselves towards you.

    The fact that you’re making 10 connections a day on twitter and only sharing valuable information that will help those people you connected with is a prime example! They like the fact that you’re going the extra mile to help them because of that relevant information and they want to connect with like-minded individuals as yourself that they can relate and help make them better on their journey!

    Thanks for sharing Gary!

    • Gary says:

      Yes Sherman,
      Most people tune into WIIFM. The most listened to station on the planet.
      By having this mentality we are broadcasting to those people loud and clear.
      Thanks for your valuable comment.

      Onward And Upwards To Success


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