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Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

First and foremost online success is not achieved by buying every shiny object that falls into your inbox.
Some of them are really good products, some are sh*t though, no, a lot of them are.
Get onto Forums and search for the product before you ever hand any money over.
Whatever product, software or training program you do decide to invest in, will teach you one lesson or another. And some will waste a lot of your time too.
So some people have money to invest in their progression, others don’t so have to invest time to learn the skills that they need to be able to progress.


One thing is certain you will never get your time back, so it is important that you use it wisely.
Do we all waste time and money on the next big thing?
In search of a get rich quick scheme a lot of people probably do, it is really easy to believe the hype and buy into the way these products are marketed too.
The truth is there are no get rich quick schemes apart from a lottery win tomorrow.
There are so many stories of marketers spending money on every ‘fad’ product they stumble across and never actually put a lot of them into practice or see them through. Some of the products  only provide you with a small piece of the puzzle which can leave you frustrated and confused

If you want to be successful at anything you need to work hard at it or pay someone to work hard for you.

So what products do you buy as a newbie?

Look first for a description of the product. What does it actually do?
Will it help you achieve the tasks you are focusing on right now?.
If it is Hypey and oversold but you don’t know what it does you are going to regret buying it.
Check out the forums to see reviews from people who have bought it before you.
If you have enough money to invest, do your research and get a mentor.
If not I say you check out the free stuff first. There is so much to get through.
This Free Video tutorial featuring Alex Jeffreys has been a huge help to me.
You will always learn something from every product you try.
Actually some of the products that cost money can take a lot of time investment,
if you are learning what you need to, it will be time well spent.

Are you technical or not?

A lot of products promise to save you the techie stuff but if you can’t afford to outsource you will always end up needing to know some html or css so the first port of call could be w3 schools.
I found Eli The Computer Guy on You Tube suited my style better.
This is the first html video i ever watched. I still use some of it now.

If you have money to invest then outsource all of this.
It will definitely save you time.

Online Success

If you really want to be successful online, you need a great offer and then you need to drive traffic toward that offer.
This could be an offer that promote’s your product. Or someone elses.
Well what product do you put in an offer? You solve people’s problems.
I learned all of this from following the tutorial’s of internet legend Alex Jeffreys.
Watch a free video tutorial here i like the way he just keeps things simple and easy.

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