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When you start out, you get told to create a blog, talk about yourself and your goals.
Start with your current situation, what led you to this place, where you would like to be, how you aim to get there. When do you want to achieve it.
This can be daunting at first. The first thing we think is “who wants to hear about me”. True?

The fact is there are so many people out there just like you.
They want to hear about someone in a similar situation to them, but someone who is taking action and prepared to go get what they want.
This will inspire them to see that they can do it too.

Anyone Can Do It!

Most people don’t do it. Fear of failure prevents people from success.Anyone Can Do It

They create their own roadblocks. We have all done it.

The sentence normally starts with “I can’t do that because I am too”
Old, young, inexperienced, busy etc.
What is your excuse? Get rid of it!
“It is better to have learned from a mistake than to never have tried”

Most people are really good at giving others advice in many situations.
We don’t feel the same emotion toward their problem.
So that solution is more evident to us than them because we  just look at it more logically.
Do you agree?

We can do a few things to create action toward our dreams. (A Goal Is A Dream With A Deadline)
Here are Two things we can do.

1. Step out of the situation to look at it more logically.

2. Attach a bigger emotion to what we want than the obstacle that we have placed in our way.

Your Reason Why

Going back to the first paragraph you will realise that by writing about your goals and where you are now is like making a map to guide you.Nice House
More importantly, it gives you a reason why. Attach your emotions to your reason why. This is your fuel.
You may want a new home. A new Car, A better life.
Imagine how it would feel to have achieved those goals already.
How proud you would feel, how happy you would feel.
Then when when your subconscious presents you with an excuse to avoid a certain task (it will everyday),
remind yourself of the feeling you’ll have when you’ve achieved success from completing all of your tasks.

Sometimes Our Goals Are Too Far Away.

Although are Goals give us fuel, we need to fill up regularly.Goals
Give yourself credit for all of the small achievements.
Like, Getting your blog online, your first post, your first visitor, your first opt-in.
Your first comment on someone elses blog, your first forum post,
your first article, the first comment on one of your posts.
These are all things to build your subconscious and remind you of your progress.
They move us another step toward our longer term goals too.

Our Subconscious Mind

Is generally lazy and likes to put things off.
This is why only 3% of the human race are successful.
We need to feed our subconscious with the idea of more money-less work and our progress toward it.
Everyday it is important that you imagine your long term goals as though you have already achieved them and feel the happiness and pride.
Use those feelings you have created as your fuel to achieve your short term goals hourly.

All of the advice I provide on this blog is free so please avoid buying the next push button software that promises millions in an hour, they are fake.
Anything worth having requires effort. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box.
Any one to one questions you have, visit my about page and fill in the form there.

Onward And Upward To Success


6 Responses to Take Action Today!

  1. Wadud says:

    Hey Gary,

    Wonderful post! And you are so right that we have to constantly push ourselves to stay consistent.
    The first step in being successful is believing that you can do it. If you don’t have that confidence, you have to assure yourself that what you seek is not out of your reach. After you develop that winning attitude, the skies the limit.
    And what makes anybody else better than you? That’s how we have to think and the rest is easy.

    Thanks Gary

    • Gary says:

      Indeed Wadud,

      Belief is certainly a huge key to success.
      Just as important is that you develop a Deep Burning Desire to achieve your goals, so much so that the outcome of that goal becomes your Obsession.
      Once this is in place, no obstacle or setback will ever stop you from achieving your Goals.

      Onward And Upwards To Success


  2. yogesh pant says:

    well, a motivational article indeed.
    Now, I can say that what I want to do, I always can.
    But, to be successful in blogging, you always have to be consistent and have a high level of patience.
    It really takes some time for your blog to get established and optimized.

    • Gary says:

      Hi Yogesh,
      It can take time, but if you follow the right advice you can utilize your time efficiently.
      This will ensure you are a lot more productive here

      Thanks for popping by

  3. Hey Gary,

    I like the fact that you mentioned attaching your emotions to your reason why. This is something the really stuck out to me and how you align yourself with your goals and eventually success. Without this alignment the road to success will be much difficult to accomplish. This is definitely your fuel, especially when you run into obstacles and rejection, the reason why you’re doing it will propel you forward.

    Thanks for sharing Gary!

  4. Gary says:

    Yes Sherman.
    The bigger your reason why, or the more reasons you have, the easier it is to overcome rejections and objections.
    These reasons give you commitment.
    Thank you for your Input.

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