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Gary Boardman

Intro: Gary Boardman


I  believe that one day I will be an internet success story. Most of my family think I have lost the plot haha!

I am writing this blog to document my journey from broke but not broken toward financial freedom. I will achieve this by helping as many people as possible to avoid the pitfalls of setting up an internet business, and fast-track themselves.

Every story needs a beginning a middle and an end.

I am 40 at the time of writing this we will start in the middle, I call it my checkpoint. This is also one of my toughest challenges to date.

As I mentioned, I am currently FLAT BROKE but definitely NOT BROKEN.

This is not me having a whinge, it is in fact the opposite. I got sick toward the end of last year 2012 and could no longer continue in my previous occupation as a door to door salesperson.

I am not the type to stop and do nothing or to just hope that things got better. I never have been like that, so I needed to find something fast that was going to make me money and support my family. I was not in a physical position at that time to go back to work, even though I wanted and needed to. So I searched the internet looking for a way of making money from home.

Every day I searched for a job or anything else that could generate me an income yet the only thing that I made money from at the time was trading on the betting exchanges and bonus bagging. This wasn’t flavour of the month with my then girlfriend as she thought it was gambling. So I stopped doing that and started to search for something else, however as soon as I stopped trading my savings started to dwindle. Bills still needed paying so I started to pay things on my credit card thinking I was going to find something soon.

I just started getting deeper into debt. This obviously put pressure on our already failing relationship to the point where we split up and I moved into my parents. This is not a good place to be at 40 years of age, considering I was doing well before my illness, managing a sales campaign and mentoring and coaching sales people. As it stands any spare money I do get now goes to my ex to support the children. Although I have been looking for work every day, the fact I don’t have any regular income is now putting pressure on my parents too. My family are getting upset with me which is devastating.

If you have ever been in a situation where you are upsetting the people you love and you don’t have any control over it at that time it can be soul destroying but I always remember this,,,

“Quitters never win and Winners never quit”

I truly believe I will be successful one day soon.

Each and every challenge we face is a test of our attitude, determination, and inner strength.

I can see the potential of building an Internet Marketing business and have always had the belief that I will be successful. There is an entrepeneur trapped inside me clawing to get out. These feelings were nurtured in my time with the Cobra/Appco Group between Jan 2006 & Dec 2012. I am truly thankful to all of my Appco coaches and mentors for helping me to understand the mindset of a successful person.

Recently I have been completely inspired by Alex Jeffreys as his tutorials and webinars have taught me a completely new way of looking at things through the eyes of a successful business person. I honestly felt that before I started following Alex’s course that I had been previously making progress but his modules showed me how unproductive I was being, in fact I have probably got more done in one week than the last 2 months. AMAZING.

His tutorials have reminded me of some of the things that I had already been taught in my Appco days but had forgotten to apply. They have also given me new information to start applying. One of the most inspiring things to me is that there are a small number of things he talks about in his tutorials that I am and was already doing. This is so much of a confidence boost because it means I am actually closer than I thought I was.

If you don’t know about Alex Jeffreys he started out just as broke as me over 6 years ago and has built an internet business that turns over hundreds of thousands of dollars a year regularly. I heard a saying that if you want what a successful person has you have to be prepared to do what they have done and to do what they do. So I follow his tutorials daily and they give me confidence and direction. take a look here at a free video tutorial so you can see what I am saying.

So it starts for me with this blog.

Then I am going to look at Matt Garrett’s blog. Feel free to ask me any questions or comments. Maybe you can relate to my story, or have an entrepeneur inside you too. Maybe you can learn something as I document all of my challenges and my successes. Hopefully you like my positive outlook. Whatever you think leave a comment, and lets take our success forward together.

Maybe a Guru or few might even comment one day with some constructive feed back for us all to learn from.

Because without a mentor we must learn from our own mistakes, this learning comes in the form of our failures.

And like the MJ DeMarco quote “If failure is the sweat of success. I am soaking wet”

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