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Is traffic linked to the amount of posts you create?
Yes but it is also linked to quality,
The more posts that you write the more content you create. This is what attracts readers and people searching for answers.
If it is of great quality then your readers will have a reason to share it and your audience will grow.

It is important that you can identify your audiences needs and provide them with the solutions that they are looking for.
We are all looking for an answer to something. What answers are you looking for right now?
Where can you find them?
Do you look for other sources?
Can you weed out the BS from the facts?

These are all questions than you must ask your self and then answer them in order to help you understand a subject better,
How do we understand any subject better though?
First we must understand the sequence of learning. Then apply the things we have learned.
Document our successes and failures along the way to truly help ourselves and our followers to understand a subject or topic better.
Practice, practice, practice!

What does practice make??????

Perfect? NO! Practice Makes Permanent!
For things to be perefect they need to be practiced in the right way.
If a golf swing is practiced poorly then bad habits are created.
Therefore it will not be perfect.

So what creates more traffic to your site?
The niche? The Topics you choose? The headlines you use?
The images you use and the alt tags within them?
SEO? Google? Facebook? Twitter? Squidoo?
Backlinks and trackbacks?
The real answer is all of the above plus your network of like minded individuals who are all working toward a common goal to provide excellent quality content to their readers too.
It is important that we provide the answers to questions that our presebnt readers and future followers will have, to answer them to our best ability based on our research then give them links to other sites that will allow them to truly research certain topics more easily.
This will create a pathway for people to travel along whilst resarching particular topics of interest.

Onwards & Upwards To Success

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